Morning Gratitude #14

Not a whole lot of sleeping going on tonight, and that sucks, but there’s a blessing in there as well. In the midst of the day, it’s like being in traffic. It’s noisy and you can’t really hear anything except for all the crap going on. 

It’s in the quiet you hear the most. So early it’s pretty much still night.

The chain on the ceiling fan is a metronome.

Humming from the AC and the air purifier.

Slow, rhythmic snoring from my wife every once in a while.

That’s when you can hear from God the most, too. It’s the best time for a conversation.

So I’m grateful for those unintentional late night conversations. It’s like being able to call dad for consolation and wisdom.

Or to just talk.

Something else worth mentioning is that I’m so grateful for God moving convictions in my wife and I separately, that end up the same in the end. And we didn’t consult one another, just ended up that way.