Morning Gratitude #10

Honestly, this is not one of those mornings I wake up in a great mood feeling super grateful. I’m tired, and I’m not looking forward to going to work. But doing this every day is forcing a little perspective on me, and even when I might not feel like I’m having a good day, I can still be grateful. 

So I’m sitting here and I decided to list some things in my life that are good, or things that I like or are looking forward to.

  • Saw a post on Facebook that there’s a business opening called “Get Air Yuma” and I know my boys will love it
  • My son’s Pop Warner team has a playoff game this weekend. They are undefeated and haven’t been scored on. It means we’ll miss a friend’s thing we wanted to go to, but this is the good stuff, and you can’t get it back
  • We had chicken wings and baked potatoes with my wife’s cousin last night. I love her, and I wish she and her husband still lived here
  • I have a job, and a whole lot of people don’t 
  • In Joel 2:25, God promises to repay the years the locust has eaten. There’s more to it, but that’s the part that sticks with me—and that I’m thinking of today. It’s a big pile of years. On my own, it’s gone. Lost. I can do nothing. Thankfully, God is in the business of redeeming the lost.

Maybe I am grateful for all these things. And more. This is how I look at 0330. I’m grateful for this, too, because it means I woke up. Gray beard, puffy eyes and all.