Adios, Amigos

If you attend First Christian Church of Yuma, then you probably know Chris and Adrea Solano or their kids, Victoria, Chris, Noah or Asher. They’ve been here a while (certainly longer than me), and as far as I’ve witnessed are amazing examples of God at work in lives.

The Solanos are people you want to spend time with. They love unconditionally, serve without complaint (or often thanks), and lift up their brothers and sisters devotedly and probably daily. They show Christ to people by their lives, not just their words.

Chris, Adrea, and their kids are a huge part of FCC in every way, and when they move on to Kansas, they’re going to leave what Zeb called “a Solano shaped hole” down the middle of each of us who know them and call them friend.

If you know the Solanos, then they’ve certainly impacted your life in some way, large or small. I don’t know what our church will do without them, and I pray they return someday.

Until then, happy trails and traveling mercies. The Wilkins family loves you, and will miss seeing you every week.

Now go and spread the Gospel to the people in the middle. And if you must, use words….