Misdirected Fealty

I’ve been working third shift for a while now, and though I didn’t used to think so, it’s a pretty decent shift for a lot of reasons, but chief among those, I think, is time.

Time to think, to pray, to do devotional stuff. To…contemplate.

What I’ve been thinking about lately is that while the world can be a really tough place, it isn’t always. And doesn’t have to be.

I think much of that stems from giving our fealty to created things and not the creator. Lord knows I’ve done that myself for a huge portion of my life.

I think having a family has helped to change that. Helped me to get a handle on my stuff. And realize that my fealty now lies with a millennia-old Nazarene carpenter.

I try to spend a portion of each night thinking about Jesus, reading his word, praying. I’m realizing more all the time, nothing else works—nothing fills the gap through my center that false fealty has created.

Not stuff.

Not food or drink.

Not being angry about politics or the state of the world.

It’s loving Jesus, and realizing he loves me in spite of my stuff. I matter to him. And when I realized that I also realized he mattered to me, and so did other people.

Their lives matter.

Not which side of the plane of life they sit on.

Not if they’re fans or donkeys, elephants, or something else.

When you worship the creator and not the creation, that’s easier to realize.