What’s It All About, Anyway?

It isn’t about politics, although the struggle for partisan victory over…nothing, really will always be there.

It isn’t about who can or can’t marry.

It isn’t about whether or not a woman should or should not be able to do certain things with her body–that is an unending argument, and one I will not make here.

It isn’t about certain groups of people being taxed more than others.

It isn’t about whether or not meat is murder.

It isn’t about a lot of things.

In my opinion, it is about finding, as Rhianna puts it, “love in a hopeless place.”

It’s about finding hope in a loveless place.

It’s about finding there is something bigger than ourselves.

Someone bigger than ourselves.

It’s about believing there’s a light when all you see is darkness.

It’s about being grateful when sometimes you don’t see the gift.

It’s about showing a lost world the way to being found when they have no idea they’re lost in the first place.

It’s about letting them know that he who is in them is greater than he who is in the world.

It’s about showing them every single life is worth something. Every. Single. Life.

I think if we know these truths in our selfish little hearts, everything changes.

Selflessness replaces selfishness.

Help replaces hurt.

Love replaces not just hate, but violence. Murder.

God replaces world.

Forgive me for being an optimist in a pragmatic and doubtful world, but it can happen. We just have to start small.

We have to start with ourselves.

I have to start with myself.

Here’s a song that brought me a little joy today. Maybe it will do the same for you: