My Blender

I saw this “demotivational” poster the other day, and I thought the tag line was awesome. It was something like “Parenthood: it’s like having a blender that’s on all the time. With no top.”

So true. It’s 0945 right now, and so far today I’ve:

Watched The Lion King

Tried to stuff cereal into a moving target

Had a Lego Fire Station engineering consultation

Watched 3 Barney episodes

Gave John a bath

Mediated a Nerf gun battle in the courtyard

Supervised a toy vacuuming of John’s room

Went for a walk to see if the boys outside had destroyed anything

Shared a banana with John

Was given a toddler beat down

Peed with the bathroom door open while John tried to vandalize the diaper pail

It’s been a productive morning. All that’s left school-wise is the latter half and citation page for an essay on whether or not the Tuskegee syphilis study would be dismissed on ethical grounds today (yes to that part).

Not sure if we’ll make church tonight, because John is still coughing and Jen is fairly jacked up, too. Will try, though. It’s been a pretty good day so far.