I was thinking this morning that right now, the place I am in life is almost exactly where I always wanted to be. I didn’t think it would take until 43 to get here, but that was just the way God laid it out for me, I guess.

The other thing I was thinking about is that even though everything is right, I’m not sure I know how to be content. I need to pray about that. Everything is so good right now, too. My family is healthy, Jen and I both have good jobs. Maybe that’s part of it. I feel like I work too much, but the nature of my job demands it. I feel like I miss much of the family stuff I should be there for. Not sure really what I can do about it right now, I guess, except to be grateful for the job God provided.

School is going well, too. Getting good grades. Only a bit over a year left. I am not yet sure what I will do with a BA in Christian Studies, but I know it is the right course of study. I guess we will see. For now, I guess I will just try and chill. Spend all the time I can with Jen and the boys.

Here’s a couple videos I made up over the past few weeks that maybe would speak a little better about how I feel about my wife, kids, and family…