Change the world

I never wanted to change the world. 

I would look at it sometimes and see that it needed changing, and in some cases, really was a horrible freaking place.  But even at those times, I could see that the best I could do was try and change my own personal world, or perhaps better said, ask God to change it.

If he can change me, and my world, and set me on a path that would cause me to interact with others that could or would be impacted by my story, then he can do the same for anyone else, if they but ask.  So what I have been moved to do of late is to simply tell people what God has done–and how He’s changed me.

Maybe it’s like Pastor Mike says, and someone is out there waiting to hear my story.  I don’t know.  I just know I want to tell people about it.  I am changed, and I continue to change, thanks to the Holy Spirit working in my life.  I continue to heal. 

And lately, that healing has been especially moving and powerful.  God has sent a person to me, an amazing, beautiful woman of God, a woman that is helping me to heal one of my most painful wounds–my heart.  She’s a blessing, and I can’t believe that I’m with her sometimes.

But I am. 

We got to worship together this past weekend, and it was hopefully a portent of things to come.  I look forward to finding out. My world is changing….

Lately, it seems like the blessings are piling up for me.  I haven’t done anything special to deserve them, yet there they are.

I am so thankful…