Food of the Apocalypse

Went to the San Diego County Fair this weekend (it’s still the Del Mar Fair to me, really), and didn’t rage on the food as badly as I did last time.  As far as fried stuff goes, anyway.  I went twice, and the first day had Australian batter fried potatoes.  Awesome, completely awesome.  Had something called a giant western sausage for a late lunch, and they weren’t exaggerating.  That sucker was about a foot long, spicy as hell, and covered with onions and peppers.  Also excellent.

The next day, I tried a fried frog leg, and it really was a lot like chicken. The meat was white, and had the same consistency as chicken.  Except it was FROG.  It was at that food kiosk (or whatever you call it) that I saw something that seemed to stretch the boundaries of all I know about reality.  White Castle burgers, covered with batter and deep fried.  I could not get my mind around it.  Also for sale here, fried Oreos.  And the ever-popular Krispy Kreme chicken sandwich, which is a Jelly doughnut (raspberry, the sign said), garnished with honey and sporting a fried chicken patty.

It made me want to Roto-Rooter my heart just looking at the picture….