About me

I never really thought of myself as having much potential. It was just the way I grew up. I was a slacker, I lived in Santee, and I had loser friends. I didn’t think so, but I had a teacher tell me that once. Right after he told me I was not living up to my potential. He told me I shouldn’t hang out with the people I did because they were going to bring me down. Fortunately, I didn’t listen to him, and those friends ended up saving my life, and planting a little seed of curiosity that would one day germinate into faith. I’m so grateful for that.

Now, I have to come to terms with the fact that not only does God have a plan for my life, but he wants to use me. And I find myself now in a role I am only beginning to come to terms with–sharing His word with others. So I’m learning how to do that a little better, and step out of my comfort zone, which is not something I like doing much. But God, fortunately, is the stretcher of boundaries. And my journey has now brought me to Arizona, and I am part of a church I am growing to love just as much as the one I left in San Diego.

I have an amazing wife whom I love with all my heart, and two strong, vibrant, hilarious and willful sons, to whom I suddenly find myself being an example. I must show them Christ, and what He means to me. I must show them how to be men.

Things are different here, but I am learning a lot, and growing in ways I never expected to. I am out of my comfort zone, and I am only just now coming to terms with being used by God, to His end, and not my own.

I have traded in my safe and comfortable cubicle for a job working at the Yuma Proving Ground, which seems like it might be one of the hottest places on earth, though it is a really interesting job.
I’ve recently self-published an ebook of several of the essays you will find on this site. Terrifying formatting errors. I plan to do better next time.

I am a student again, after a very long hiatus. Working toward a BA in English Literature, with which I hope to one day procure a job that does not require composite toe boots and 72 hour work weeks. I am getting a little long in the tooth.

Most important of all, I am learning how to be a son again, and continuously growing toward my father in Heaven.

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